Valspar's Premium Performance 70% PVDF Coating System

Fluropon metal coatings are field-proven, high-performance architectural finishes that will help you achieve any design while meeting the industry's toughest standards, including AAMA 2605

Make your design vision a reality with nearly infinite aesthetic options

  • Choose from over 50,000 colors, including solids, metallics, micas, special effects, and prints
  • Create your own custom color with our advanced color-matching technology
  • Benefit from long-lasting color retention and gloss retention


Fluropon's 50+ years of proven performance means your structure is protected

  • Fluoropolymer resin system provides exceptional durability
  • Meets or exceeds AAMA 2605 and AAMA 621 standards
  • Outstanding resistance UV rays, chalk, fade, and chemical degradation

Fluropon 70% PVDF coating systems for metal architecture are applied in-factory by a continuous coil-coating process or are spray-applied to aluminum extrusions.


  • Curtainwall systems
  • Aluminum window and door framing
  • Skylights
  • Aluminum panels and extrusions
  • Sunshades, louvers and grills
  • Soffits, gutters, and fascia


  • Metal roofing
  • Composite and insulated metal wall panel systems
  • Entryways
  • Garage doors

What is PVDF?

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) contains one of the strongest bonds known to man. So it's no surprise that PVDF resin-based coating systems offer the longest-lasting performance available.

Fluropon coatings are 70% PVDF liquid metal coating systems for metal building products that meet or exceed AAMA 2065 standards. PVDF metal coatings are baked-on finishes that are either coil coated and post-formed into building products or spray-applied to aluminum extrusions in-factory.

Fluropon 70% PVDF coating systems are most appropriate for monumental and high-end residential and commercial architecture as they provide superior color and gloss retention.

Which Fluropon formulation is best for your next architectural project?

Whether you're envisioning a specific aesthetic, building in extreme climates, or focusing on sustainability, there's a PVDF coating formulation that will fit your needs.



1. Metallic finish - Fluropon Classic

For metallic-effect colors that take vibrancy to a new level, use Fluropon Classic.

Contact our sales department to learn more.

2. Mesmerizing special-effects colors - Fluropon Effects

When you're looking for a unique finish, subtle or dramatic, Fluropon Effects will help you make an impact.

Kameleon - pearlescent hues with active color shifts.


Nova - rich colors with an intense gold or silver sparkle.


Rustica - natural, polychromatic colors with a weathered, antique look.


Contact the Valspar Coil and Extrusion Coatings team to learn more.

3. Bright, vibrant color - Fluropon Premiere

If you're looking for our brightest, most vibrant Fluropon formulation, look no further than Fluropon Premiere. They use 70% PVDF resins for a high-performance system that performs to AAMA 2605 standards, depending on the color.

Contact the Valspar Architectural Coating Sales team to learn more.

Extreme Conditions

1. Abrasion resistance for tough fabrication, transportation and installation processes - Fluropon Extreme

Avoid damage to surfaces that are exposed to the possibility of abrasion before they're even installed. In addition to Fluropon's trademark long-term durability, Fluropon Extreme Coatings offer enhanced protection against the wear and tear that occurs at the plant, on the dock, on the road, on site, and during installation.

Contact the Valspar Coating sales team to learn more. 

2. Thick film build for corrosive seacoast environments - Flurothane Coastal or Fluromarine

When your building needs to withstand a harsh, coastal environment, use Flurothane Coastal for coil applications and Fluromarine for extrusion. With high-performance, thick-film primer, these coatings keep industrial, commercial, and architectural projects within 1,500 feet of the sea looking fresh for years.


1. Red-list compliant coatings that achieve green building standards - Fluropon Pure

If you're looking for a metal coil or extrusion coating that complies with LEED V4 and Living Building Challenge's Declare programs, use Fluropon Pure. It's formulated without the use of PFOA, hexavalent chromium, lead and phthalates making it a great fit for buildings with rigorous environmental requirements.


Contact the Valspar metal coatings sales team to learn more.

2. Solar-reflective (SR) pigments to lower energy costs - Fluropon SR

Resist heat absorption from the sun with eco-friendly Fluropon SR. It lowers cost to cool buildings without sacrificing performance, durability, or beauty. With the highest solar-reflective values in the industry, Fluropon SR meets all ENERGY STAR, LEED and CRRC performance requirements.

Contact the Valspar coil and extrusion sales team to learn more.

Other Metal Coatings for Architects


  • Rich colors with a high gloss - Valflon FEVE
  • Best for interior applications - Polykote
  • Metal Roofing
  • Composite and insulated metal wall panel systems
  • Soffits, gutters, and Fascia


  • Harder than PVDF - Flurospar
  • 50% PVDF coating that offers enhanced hardness - Acroflur
  • For color-conscious applications on a budget - Flurocryl
  • Best for interior applications - Polylure


 Whether you'd like to place an order or simply learn more, please contact us for more information on Fluropon.