Prepaint Offers Superior Color, Performance, and Innovation for Appliances

Household appliances — big or small — benefit from Valspar’s coil coatings. For consumers, Valspar coatings offer a beautiful and durable finish that will endure everyday wear and tear. For manufacturers, pre-paint offers a sustainable and efficient coating process that reduces time, cost and energy consumption in the manufacture of residential and commercial appliances. Pre-paint is a win-win option for residential and commercial appliances including washer and dryers, refrigeration, dishwashers, and more.


Valspar works with industry-leading appliance manufacturers to make the conversion process to prepainted coil a smooth and speedy transition.  Our team-driven, problem-solving approach helps many of our customers lower costs and create more consistent products. We will work with your team to make a smooth and efficient transition to pre-paint coil coatings. Our team-driven, problem-solving approach helps our customers’ lower costs while achieving more consistent coatings coverage.


Valspar helps you stay ahead of market trends and satisfy your consumers.  With our broad range of coating solutions, we have a formulation to meet every performance and aesthetic need.  On top of that, our dedicated appliance team’s extensive knowledge of appliance coating processes helps bring your product to market faster.


At Valspar, color is our business. We analyze consumer and design trends to understand future color needs. Our appliance coatings come in countless combinations of finishes and colors to achieve nearly any design, including new matte finishes, tints, anti-finger print and stainless steel accent coatings. Our appliance team will also collaborate with your design teams to create new and innovative looks for consumer appliances. Learn more.


You want your coatings to last as long as your products. That’s why our technical experts never stop working to bring you the latest ideas and technologies, cost-effective manufacturing solutions, and RoSH compliant systems that give your products an edge in the market.


We’re there for you throughout all stages of the design process. Our coating specialists can help with color and special effects, while scientists and customer service staff are key to Valspar consistently providing the shortest lead times in the industry for color samples. Once your coating is selected, our technical representatives will help ensure the coating application process runs smoothly, delivering the exact look you set out to achieve.