Creating Value For HVAC Manufacturers

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products require a coating that is tough and can withstand both moisture and fluctuations in temperature.  Valspar’s coil coatings are up for the challenge.  Not only do they protect your product from the elements; they can improve the efficiency and sustainability of your manufacturing process.


Valspar works with industry-leading appliance manufacturers to make the conversion process to prepainted coil a smooth and speedy transition.  Our team-driven, problem-solving approach helps many of our customers lower costs and create more consistent products. We will work with your team to make a smooth and efficient transition to pre-paint coil coatings. Our team-driven, problem-solving approach helps our customers’ lower costs while achieving more consistent coatings coverage.


With the ability to formulate nearly any coating to meet your precise needs, Valspar‘s experienced team of HVAC coating experts will work with your team to meet your product’s performance and aesthetic requirements. And, we’ll make the production conversion to prepainted coil smooth and efficient.


Valspar offers unique colors that can differentiate your HVAC products in the market. Beyond the standard beiges and grays that you typically see in the HVAC industry, Valspar offers unlimited color and finish options including textured coatings such as Valspar’s Crinkle Finish that will differentiate your product. 


We deliver a wide range of coating systems that minimize the environmental impact without sacrificing durability or design. Valspar’s new and innovative HVAC coatings include chrome-free technology, and highly flexible, formable coatings that will withstand the manufacturing process. Our HVAC coating experts have a deep knowledge of industry testing standards to ensure that your product meets all requirements including RoSH compliance.


We’re there for you throughout all stages of the design process. Our coating specialists can help with color and special effects, while scientists and customer service staff are key to Valspar consistently providing the shortest lead times in the industry for color samples. Once your coating is selected, our technical representatives will help ensure the coating application process runs smoothly, delivering the exact look you set out to achieve.