Top Performance in Tough Places

Industrial buildings operate in some of the roughest environments in the world. Valspar coatings ensure that each structure stands the test of time, with environmental protection and corrosion resistance.


Valspar has led the way with major projects in chemical manufacturing, paper mills, heavy industrial, military airfield and public airports. Able to meet performance standards across multiple industrial applications, we’re a trusted single-source partner for coatings technologies. 


As a complete supplier of architectural and industrial coatings, our color scientists provide advanced color-matching technology and the ability to create custom colors and tints to meet your specific requirements. Learn more.


We never stop working to develop leading-edge technologies. Our thick-film Flurothane product line was developed to fit a coating need for industrial applications and continues to lead the market as a powerful protector against harsh environments.


We’re there for you throughout all stages of the design process. Our coating specialists can help with color and special effects, while scientists and customer service staff are key to Valspar consistently providing the shortest lead times in the industry for color samples. Once your coating is selected, our technical representatives will help ensure the coating application process runs smoothly, delivering the exact look you set out to achieve.