Raise Your Sights

Elevate your home with a beautiful metal roof. From authentic traditional looks to fabulous contemporary styles, nothing is attracting homeowners like new metal solutions. That means now is the perfect time to learn more about all of the advantages of a metal roof for your home. Discover how a metal roof can provide incredible durability, energy savings and a lifetime of value.

The beauty of a metal roof is superior to the asphalt shingles most homeowners think of when envisioning a residential roof. A metal roof will perform better, too. The properties of a metal combined wth the incredible solar reflectivity of our superior Fluropon coil coatings can reduce the cost of heating and cooling a home. Additionally, a metal roof will last much longer and endure better than an asphalt or wood roof.


Metal has become the second most preferred type of roofing material among homeowners. That's no surprise, as a metal roof is a smart investment. Metal roofs provide longevity and durability that protects what is important...your home.

However, there are still myths about metal roofs that need to be overcome. Learn more about seven common myths that don't add up, and we'll show you why.


Elevate your home with a beautiful metal roof coating with Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. Sherwin-Williams a name you know and trust. We work with industry leading metal roof manufacturers. Contact us today and we will connect you with a local representative in your area.


Sherwin-Williams coil coatings can enhance every aspect of home design, from cool metal roofs to designer-color wall panels and window frames. With the latest technology solutions, a wide range of colors, and a focus on eco-friendly technology, Valspar is the preferred choice for distinctive residential projects.


Sherwin-Williams' broad range of architectural coatings are available in more than 20,000 colors. Oue scientists provide advanced color-matching technology and the ability to create custom colors to meet your specific requirements. Our wide range of colors are available in SR coating formulations that meet and exceed LEED and Energy Star standards. Learn more.


Our collaborative process has created a reputation for industry-leading innovation. We take the guess-work out of coatings performance. With our in-depth expertise, you can be assured that the coatings you use will continue to do their job for years to come.


We’re there for you throughout all stages of the design process. Our coating specialists can help with color and special effects, while scientists and customer service staff are key to Sherwin-Williams consistently providing the shortest lead times in the industry for color samples. Once your coating is selected, our technical representatives will help ensure the coating application process runs smoothly, delivering the exact look you set out to achieve.