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Available for  Extrusion Extrusion

Acrylicoat is a cost-effective acrylic coating made with a proprietary resin system developed by Sherwin-Williams.  Acrylicoat offers benefits at every step of your process, ultimately saving you over time.  Improved sag-resistance results in exceptional hiding on the first pass, generally reducing the need for a second pass through the line.  Acrylicoat is available in a wide range of colors and gloss levels in a smooth, glasslike finish. 

Acrylicoat Product Data Sheet
Acrylicoat Product Data Sheet
Available: Extrusion Extrusion
Applications: Commercial, Residential Commercial Residential
Features: 25% Sun Exposure, 1 Coat, Acrylic, 25% Sun Exposure 1 Coat Acrylic
AAMA Specification: 2603  

Acrylicoat provides a number of unique benefits including:

  • Exceptional hiding on the first pass
  • Smooth, glasslike finish
  • Versatile coating system
  • One of the hardest finishes available


Cost Effective

Acrylicoat significantly reduces applied-costs associated with production by offering full hide on the first pass.  It also offers a wide curing window of 350-390°, giving you ultimate flexibility on your line.  Acyrlicoat is a ready-to-apply solution that does not require additional solvents.


Acrylicoat is is available in 18 standard colors with custom solid and metallic colors available upon request.  Acrylicoat is available in 10-80° gloss levels and offers a smooth, glasslike finish.


May be applied to pre-treated aluminum panels and extrusions.

End Uses

Acrylicoat is ideal for interior and exterior window and door frames, panels and other aluminum extrusions.  Acrylicoat is ideal for high-traffic areas in residenial and commercial buildings.



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