Dynakote II

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Available for  Coil Coil

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Proven in the field and proven every day, Dynakote II™ coatings use a proprietary high molecular weight resin technology in a single coat system to deliver beauty with superior scratch resistance on the finished product. During manufacturing, Dynkote II offers outstanding film flexibility and excellent adhesion, delivering a high-quality, easy-to-apply coating for window frames, muntin bars and screen frames.

Dynakote on a house
Dynakote on a house
Dynakote IIProduct Data Sheet
Dynakote IIProduct Data Sheet
Available: Coil Coil
Applications: Commercial, Residential Commercial Residential
Features: 50% Sun Exposure, 1 Coat, Polyester, 50% Sun Exposure 1 Coat Polyester

Dynakote II coatings provide a number of unique benefits including:

  • Exceptional flexibly and formability
  • Excellent overall adhesion
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Non-fogging toughness

Dynakote II coatings are available in a variety of popular industry standard colors.

Dynakote II can be applied to pretreated aluminum coils.

End Uses
Dynakote II coatings are specially formulated, non-fogging coatings for window trim applications such as muntin bars and screen frames.


Building Accessories, Window Trim