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Flurocryl™ Acrylic and 25% PVDF Resin Architectural Extrusion Coating System

Flurocryl is formulated to look as good on your budget sheet as it does on your projects. A factory-applied, one-coat enamel system, Flurocryl contains acrylic and 25% PVDF fluoropolymer resins, providing exceptional hardness, flexibility and mar resistance. That makes it ideal for high-wear interior spaces, and exteriors with lower UV exposure.

FlurocrylProduct Data Sheet
FlurocrylProduct Data Sheet
Available: Extrusion Extrusion
Applications: Agricultural, Commercial Agricultural Commercial
Features: 25% Sun Exposure, 1 Coat, Acrylic, 25% Sun Exposure 1 Coat Acrylic
AAMA Specification: 2603  

Flurocryl coatings provide a number of unique benefits including:

  • Outstanding color retention and consistency
  • Excellent overall adhesion
  • Exceptional hardness that meets or exceeds that of other acrylic, polyester and urethane coatings, including powder-coating alternatives
  • Meets AAMA 2603

Our Flurocryl coating is available in a wide range of colors, sheens, gloss levels and special effects to achieve nearly any look you can dream up.

May be applied to pre-treated aluminum panels and extrusions.

End uses
Super-hard AAMA 2603 coating makes Flurocryl ideal for commercial or residential building interiors. It’s also suitable for exterior applications in low-UV areas.

  • Window and door frames
  • Architectural interior panels
  • Architectural interior extrusions
  • Other exterior applications in low-UV conditions

Available Colors


Door Frames, Interior