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Available for  Extrusion Extrusion

Polylure® Extrusion Coating Systems

The Valspar Polylure extrusion coating system features high-solid content with just enough solvent needed for thermal oxidizers, providing a great alternative to acrylic/melamine. Any aluminum extrusion that requires a factory-applied, oven-baked finish is a candidate for a Polylure coating. They offer the flexibility necessary to meet the color, gloss, application and cure requirements of most manufacturers.

Polylure FamilyProduct Data Sheet
Polylure FamilyProduct Data Sheet
Available: Extrusion Extrusion
Applications: Commercial, Residential Commercial Residential
Features: 25% Sun Exposure, 1 Coat, Polyester, 25% Sun Exposure 1 Coat Polyester
AAMA Specification: 2603  

All Polylure products are available in a wide spectrum of standard and special colors. Polylure 4000 is also available with a range of gloss finishes.

Coatings in the Polylure family may be applied to aluminum panels and extrusions.

End Uses
Polylure 1500 and 3500 coatings are ideal for the interior and exterior of window and door frames for residential and light commercial buildings.

Polylure 4000 coatings are ideal for RV components, windshield trim and custom van trims, interior trim and railings.

PolyureProduct Family

Polylure 1500

Polylure 1500

Polylure 1500 is a standard, one-coat system and is a medium solids polyester/amino coating. It is designed for the exteriors of residential projects.

Polylure 3500

Polylure 3500

Polylure 3500 is a high-solids, polyester/amino one-coat system. This “greener” coating is ideal for meeting state mandates of 3.0 to 3.5 VOC regulations for hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Meets AAMA 2603 performance standards demanded by the interior and exterior residential aluminum window and door market.

Polylure 4000

Polylure 4000

Polylure 4000 is a one-coat system that provides more flexible formulation in post-fabrication of aluminum sheets. Its durability makes it a time-proven choice for transportation (RV components, windshield trim, custom van trims) and interior residential (trim and railings) components. 

Polyester Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Polyester Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Polyester coatings are resistant to many elements found in the environment such as air pollution, acid rain, and general airborne dirt. However, if the need to clean or remove deposits from your coating does arise, a variety of methods for removal of surface deposits are available.

Polyester Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

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Door Frames, Interior, Truck Trailer, Window Trim