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Available for  Coil Coil

Ultra appliance science.
UltraFlexar coatings deliver exceptional durability, keeping appliances beautiful and stain-free. Through advanced science, the unique formulation of UltraFlexar protects from food and detergent along with cracking and chipping that could occur with a less durable coating.

Perfect for any type of appliance application, Valspar’s UltraFlexar coatings provide a total-cost, complete quality solution. It allows for maximum manufacturing efficiency by offering superior flexibility in forming and fabricating. Formulated with 100% hardwearing polyester, it delivers excellent flow during application and both durability and long-term performance for the life of the appliance.

Ultra-FlexarProduct Data Sheet
Ultra-FlexarProduct Data Sheet
Available: Coil Coil
Features: 25% Sun Exposure, 2 Coats, Polyester, 25% Sun Exposure 2 Coats Polyester

UltraFlexar coatings provide a number of unique benefits including:

  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Stain-resistant formula
  • Excellent fabrication properties
  • RoHS compliance available

Ultra-Flexar appears in a wide spectrum of colors, including special effects and tints. Apply brilliance to your appliances.

Ultra-Flexar coatings can be applied to a number of pre-treated substrates including; Cold-rolled Steel (CRS), aluminum, and Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HDG) steel.

End Uses
UltraFlexar coatings are ideal for most applications including:

  • Refrigeration door and case wrapper
  • Washer and dryer parts
  • Walk-in coolers


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