Oregon Elementary School Offers Students Opportunity & Space Stability

Dedicated to excellence by empowering students with skills and attitudes to be lifelong learners and global thinkers, Bonny Slope Elementary is in a class of its own. The school’s self-proclaimed model of acting as a “culturally sensitive institution” helps them “take action to create a better, more peaceful world.” With a mission as powerful as that, the school needed a facility that would not only provide a welcoming atmosphere for students on a day-to-day basis, but also serve as a beacon in the community for inclusion and acceptance.

Bonny Slope Elementary was the 32nd elementary school built in the Beaverton School District, located in Oregon. The project, finished in 2008, was initially agreed upon because of the need for additional buildings to accommodate the growing school district as well as to create an educational facility that would last for close to a century.

The hope for the building is that it will remain in use for at least 75 years without any major repair needs, so the construction materials were carefully selected during the beginning phases. The following CENTRIA materials were chosen because of their long-lasting durability and strength:

  •          Concept Series Concealed Fasteners (CS-620)
  •          Profile Series Exposed Fastener Panels (Style-Rib)

The building features three different architectural coating colors on the exterior metal panels, all provided by Valspar. The project’s MCM panels were coated in Valspar’s Fluropon® in the traditional Sandstone color, but the two architectural coating accent shades were custom colors decided upon through a joint effort by architects from Dull Olson Weekes, the general contractor, Skanska, and owners of the building. CENTRIA’s single-skin panels were implemented in custom “Tomatillo” red and “Frosty Region” gray hues from Valspar, providing dynamic exterior and interior facades. Valspar’s color scientists have a palette of more than 20,000 choices – and the ability to create unique colors to match any project’s exact specifications. Advanced color-matching technology helps Valspar’s color experts and lab technicians land on the perfect shade for a project quickly, which provided Bonny Slope with the ability to have their unique “tomatillo” red and “frosty region” gray colors featured on the new structure.

Fluropon is known across the industry for its long-lasting color and durability, making it the perfect match for Bonny Slope with its goal of long-lasting endurance against weathering elements. Fluropon’s superior resistance to UV rays and acid rain pair beautifully with its high film integrity and excellent overall adhesion. The architectural coating’s outstanding performance is a direct result of Valspar’s innovative coating technology for Fluropon — a two-coat formulation of fluoropolymer resin that continually exceeds performance needs.

The more than 600 students that attend the school daily claim different favorites when it comes to the structure, including the gym and technology center. The school continues to rank well above the national average for all subjects across all grades and maintains a 25-student classroom size. Thanks to the long-lasting materials selected for this structure, it will continue to serve the community for years to come – maybe even into the next century.

Bonny Slope Elementary; Portland, OR; https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/schools/bonny-slope