Coloring a Healthier Future for Students in Massachusetts

Higher education in America is a longstanding tradition that not only prepares students academically, but also provides a foundation for them to create a productive and healthy lifestyle. Since 1973, Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) serves approximately 14,000 students annually, and operates as the largest community college in Massachusetts. Located in Boston, the school offers more than 100 academic programs designed to help students complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree before transferring to a four-year university. With such a large educational presence in the state, the school knew it was time to expand their offerings, and began plans for a new Health & Wellness Center.

Led by teams from DiNisco Design Partnership and Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, designs were drafted and implemented to construct a 48,000 square-foot facility. Standing two-stories high, the Health & Wellness Center features the BHCC’s first gymnasium and fitness center and also houses laboratories and modern classrooms for nursing students. Just as great is the Center’s exterior that features a bold entry façade constructed with coated metal wall panels.

Supplied by CENTRIA, the entryway exterior features CENTRIA Concept Series Concealed Fastener panels (CS-200) in Blue, custom Light Blue, and Silversmith shades of Valspar’s Fluropon Classic II architectural coating. The entryway also features an additional backdrop composed of CENTRIA Profile Series Exposed Fastener Panels (Style-Rib) in Brick II, providing a rustic contrast to the architectural aesthetic. CENTRIA Concept Series Concealed Fasteners are versatile products that can be installed in any weather condition and offer advanced insulation and visual appeal. Profile Series Exposed Fastener Panels offer excellent negative wind load properties and thermal protection.

Valspar’s Fluropon is a high-performing architectural coating that provides exceptional resistance to ultraviolet rays and a dynamic pearlescent finish. The coating also provides excellent color retention and consistency, allowing the mosaic design of the Blue, Sliversmith and a custom Light Blue to fully come to life on the Center’s entryway. Backed by a contrasting wall coated in Fluropon Classic II in the color Brick II, the visual splendor of the entryway pops out of the design, culminating in a contrasting and modern look for the new building.

Opening its doors in 2010, the BHCC Health & Wellness Center was met with an all-time high in student enrollment. The structure also earned LEED Gold Certification for its high-performance green features, and will help promote healthy living to countless student bodies thanks in part to CENTRIA and Valspar.

Bunker Hill Community College; Boston, MA; http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/