Going for Gold at the Ghent Generating Station

As the largest coal-fired power plant in the Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) and Kentucky Utility (KU) network, Ghent Generating Station operates four generating units that produce enough electricity to light nearly 5 million 100-watt light bulbs, and consumes an annual average of 5.5 million tons of coal. Having commercially operated for more than 40 years, Ghent underwent a large-scale upgrade beginning in 2013 to reduce emissions and set in place a commitment to balancing future energy needs with sound environmental policy.

Included in many of the new constructions and upgrades were three new facilities managed by Petrochem Insulation. To increase the durability and environmentally-friendly features at Ghent, Petrochem commissioned McElroy Metal to provide their exterior metal products to the structures. Overall, 7,500 square-feet of McElroy Mega-Rib Exposed Fastener Panels were used to comprise the exterior walls, and 3,700 square-feet of McElroy 2’’x16’’ Maxima panels were installed to complete the buildings’ roofs. The panels were all coated in a custom Ghent Gold shade of Valspar’s Flurothane Special, specifically color-matched to reflect Ghent Generating Station’s branding and existing design theme.

Valspar’s Flurothane Special is a three-coat system designed for industrial and commercial projects that are often located in tough environments and consequently require additional thick-film protection. Flurothane Special is Valspar’s Flurothane II product that features an additional clear coat to provide greater color protection and resistance to chemicals, corrosion and UV rays. When used in a roofing system, Flurothane Special’s protection against UV rays adds durability that resists heat absorption and aids in structural cooling.

Completed in 2014, the new Ghent facilities featuring McElroy Metal’s panels and Valspar’s Flurothane Special coating fit in seamlessly amidst the blooming complex, and help lend to the station’s objective to protect the environment and preserve natural resources. For those of you in the Bluegrass State, you’re likely reading this on a computer screen powered by the thousands of watts produced from the Ghent Generating Station. Just as the station provides the energy people need to go about their lives, Valspar provides the coating necessary for Ghent to keep their buildings operating in a stylish and functional fashion.

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