Mariano's Keeps It Fresh With Classic Style and Modern Materials

To make a name for yourself in the ever-growing retail market, you need to have an identifiable brand image. From a logo and website to shelving units and display cases, everything leaves a lasting impression on the customer. The exterior of a building is just as important – after all, it is the first physical representation a customer sees when entering a brick-and-mortar location.

Mariano’s is a grocery store that strives to “create a neighborhood shopping environment filled with amenities” from around the globe, like Italian coffee and gelato, wood-fired pizza and a sit-down sushi bar. Their goal is to provide the freshest products possible and share their “Shop well. Eat well. Live well.” philosophy with everyone that enters a Mariano’s store.

To help unify the 40 store locations across Illinois, Mariano’s aims to keep a consistent exterior look for their retail stores – modern, sleek and sophisticated. The latest location in Oak Park, IL, keeps these attributes center to the design, which was developed by architecture firm Camburas & Theodore Ltd. Metal was chosen as a building material to accent certain structural elements, as well as provide the storefront with a durable exterior that would require very little maintenance over the course of its lifespan.

The fascia for the building’s signature rotunda used 3,000 square-feet of PAC-CLAD flat sheet that was fabricated to the exact specifications needed. The façade features 5,000 square-feet of PAC-CLAD .875-in corrugated metal wall panels that were coated with Valspar’s Fluropon® Classic II in Silversmith.

Valspar’s Fluropon Classic II exterior architectural coating consists of a special primer and a durable color coat containing mica pearlescent flakes, which gives the appearance of directionality and dimension. Because this coating does not rely on metal flakes to achieve its metallic look, the need for a costly protective clear coat is eliminated, and the possibility of color variation is minimalized. The powerful chemical bond of this high-performance system provides superior resistance to ultraviolet rays, resulting in exceptional color and gloss retention, and resistance to chalking and chemical degradation.

When combined with other building elements, such as glass and stone, the coated metal wall panels provide a sleek touch that the structure would otherwise miss. Not only does Valspar’s Fluropon Classic II coating in Silversmith sparkle and shine, it keeps the brand aesthetic right on point. Consequently, the classic materials combined with the durable and affordable metal panels ensure that this Mariano’s will fit in amongst the other locations in the surrounding area. 

Mariano's Fresh Market; Oak Lawn, IL; http://www.marianos.com/