Valspar's Fluropon® Helps Keep Sustainability Top of Mind for Updated Village Hall

Drive about thirty-five miles northwest of Chicago and you’ll find the small village of Mundelein. First built in 1929, the community was in desperate need of a refresh for its town headquarters: the village hall. After more than five years of planning, the community began construction on a new two-story, 32,000 square-foot village administration building, which reached completion in 2014.

West Solutions, a nationally renowned environmental engineering company, was commissioned to oversee the development of the structure. As part of a unique partnership that later helped attract private investment, West Solutions also agreed to relocate its offices to the second floor of the building, while the village planned to utilize the entire first floor.

The architectural design was inspired by different historical elements and traditional masonry found throughout the community and was led by the architecture and engineering firm Wight & Company. Although most of the building’s inspiration was pulled from the traditional stonework, Petersen Aluminum provided a modern aspect for the structure. The majority of the roof was formed from 14,000 square-feet of PAC-CLAD Snap-Clad and Snap-On panels, which were finished in Valspar’s architectural metal coating Fluropon® Classic II in the metallic Cool Color Zinc. In addition, the PAC-CLAD 7.2 Panel and PAC-750 soffit panels were used to complete the building’s covering, forming a durable and sleek addition to complement the masonry below.

Known for its high-performance qualities, durability and pearlescent finish, Fluropon Classic II was applied to the metal roof panels to help achieve sustainability goals for the new contemporary village hall. Fluropon Classic II architectural coating is a 70 percent PVDF and provides resistance to ultraviolet rays, dirt and stains. Additionally, when Fluropon Classic II is used on roofing materials, the paint enhances the energy-efficiency of a building, helping to lower cooling costs and keeping the interior more comfortable for members of the Mundelein community.

With sustainability being an important project element for both West Solutions and the village, low-emitting materials were used to construct the new center. In terms of sustainability efforts, the design features are projected to provide an annual energy savings of nearly $8,000, and a 35% reduction in water consumption. The combination of design, construction, site selection and partnership with Weston Solutions, were key factors in the Village Hall receiving the prestigious LEED Gold certification.

The overall aesthetic of the Mundelein Village Hall showcases a combination of both traditional and modern elements, creating a cohesive look through juxtaposition. The environmental considerations, like the coated metal roof provided by Petersen Aluminum and Valspar, provides eco-friendly design elements, which is a direct reflection of the Village’s forward-thinking vision and serves as an anchor to spur development throughout the community.

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