Renovating with Metal on the Riverbed

In the past, building with metal panels was a practice reserved for the construction of new buildings. However, as structures all across the country continue to age and suffer from centuries-old construction methods, metal panels have become more and more prevalent in large-scale renovation efforts. One of these cases took place on the banks of the Detroit River, where a 280-unit apartment complex built in the 1970’s underwent a dramatic exterior overhaul due to years of problematic water infiltrations after storms.

8330 On the River has a rich history of offering property to elderly adults and individuals with disabilities in Detroit. But with a growing water problem, that mission was being challenged, prompting Preservation of Affordable Housing, the building owner, to find a solution. Architects from Fusco, Shaffer & Pappas were commissioned to help solve the apartment building’s dilemma and discovered the fault lay in cracks developing over time in the structure’s exterior brick façade.

In order to achieve long-term durability for 8330 On the River at an affordable price, the design team partnered with CENTRIA to develop an insulated metal panel system that would encase the entire structure. 100,000 square-feet of CENTRIA Versawall® insulated metal panels were commissioned in three colors of Valspar’s Fluropon® architectural coating – Surrey Beige, Colonial Red and Lee Ivory. Installed vertically, these panels provide outstanding weather resistance and superior moisture protection, making it the perfect selection to keep residents dry and repel water from entering the apartments.

Valspar’s Fluropon was the ideal coating of choice for 8330 On the River, as its superior durability properties offer the residency further protection against water infiltration and harsh outdoor elements, such as dirt, stains, chemicals, heat and humidity. Furthermore, Fluropon offers outstanding color retention and consistency, allowing the color scheme of Surrey Beige, Colonial Red and Lee Ivory to fully come to life and embolden the apartment building upon the riverside.

Finished in 2015, 8330 On the River’s dramatic renovation was a resounding success. Now featuring a modern façade that protects against the elements, residents can come home to a more functional and stylish abode, thanks in part to CENTRIA and Valspar.

8330 On the River; Detroit, MI; http://www.8330ontheriver.com/