A Bold Design for Rich Products' New Distribution & Manufacturing Center

Known for developing the world’s first non-dairy whipped topping, Rich Products has been in business developing innovations in the food industry since 1945. As a leading international suppler of foodservice – with more than 9,000 associates worldwide that produce over 4,000 products distributed to more than 100 countries – it is essential to the company’s success to possess a strong foundation, both literally and figuratively. So when it came time to construct a new food-processing center, they knew they needed to work with the best partners and use the best products.

Led by architects from Seeberger Architecture and managed by Cadence McShane Construction, plans were drawn up for a 192,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility located in Missouri City, TX. To balance the building specifications from the owners, as well as the Missouri City Design and Zoning Departments and the Lakeview Business Park, the design team worked carefully to draw up plans that would meet the rigid conditions required when working with dairy. The facility was divided into three separate departments for its 1.) office administration 2.) plant production and freezer storage and 3.) distribution and manufacturing center which will house extreme temperature zones ranging from 360°F in the production ovens to -20°F in the blast freezer. With the required range of temperatures for processing, the facility needed quality insulation not only for the interior, but also the exterior.

In order to meld function and fashion, exterior metal panels were commissioned to adorn the structure’s façade. Installed and fabricated by EFI Panels, Petersen Aluminum Corp.'s PAC-CLAD 7.2 corrugated panels and .040 aluminum flat sheet panels coated in Silver Metallic were the products of choice. Selected for their excellent durability features and sleek aesthetic, the PAC-CLAD panels provide the perfect product for the exterior of the Rich Products’ facility that matches the high-level of performance on its interior. 

Valspar’s Fluropon architectural coil coating is an industry-leading product that contains 70 percent PVDF resins, and is a durable two-coat system that offers outstanding color retention and consistency to ensure the building holds its hue. The Silver Metallic of the corrugated panels provide a professional and sturdy aesthetic to the processing center, while the bold splash of Patriot Red offers a colorful flair in line with Rich Products’ brand. The coating offers resistance to ultraviolet rays, combatting heat from the exterior just as the temperatures from the interior rise and fall with the production of Rich Products thousands of food products.

Rich Products Corp. Distribution & Manufacturing Center