Color trends

Color Inspires Everything

Color Matters to all of us

Welcome to our world, where there is always a push for the new and the latest. As part of our ongoing commitment to bringing you the tools you need to make your ideas real, Sherwin-Williams metal coatings takes you deep into the realm of color.

Colors with Influence (article)

Architectural Color Trends

We’ve taken today’s lifestyle trends and translated them into four color palettes that set the tone for tomorrow. May all the monumental buildings yet to be built be bright, bold and full of color.


Building Products Color Trends

At Sherwin-Williams, we’re constantly on the hunt to identify new lifestyle trends and understand how they affect color choice in the residential, commercial and agricultural markets.



Through our ongoing commitment to bring architects and designers the tools they need to make ideas come to life, we continue to research, analyze and forecast emerging color and design trends. Our color scientists have more than 20,000 options that allow you to choose with confidence, and they’re ready to collaborate with you on developing any custom color you can imagine.