Fluropon Effects Nova

A whole new color space.

Bring your inspirations to life like never before with colors that shift, shine, and sparkle, the new Fluropon Effects line delivers brilliant hues and mesmerizing effects that have never before been achieved in 70% PVDF architectural coatings.


Its not just a color. Its an experience.

Experience exciting dimensional elements and striking colors.

Fluropon Effects features three families, each of which takes color in a new direction.


Rich color with a vivid sparkle

In the past, adding sparkle meant sacrificing color integrity. The more of one you wanted, the less you’d get of the other. Not anymore. Using a proprietary application process, the Nova family delivers dynamic, eye-catching sparkle in nearly any color you can dream up, including pastels, bright colors, neutrals, blacks, and whites.


A natural weathered, antique look

Like a walk through an autumn landscape, the Rustica family features a soothing, nature-inspired palette that has never before been available in the Fluropon line. With richer, more saturated colors than ever—some with a subtle color-shift—Rustica provides a calming invitation to linger and savor.


Active color shifts

With an iridescent, multi-toned effect, Kameleon moves architectural coatings into a new level of color. Featuring a spectrum of intense, vibrant tones that appear to shift when viewed from different angles or in changing lighting, Kameleon helps you achieve a memorable, engaging design.

Fluropon Extreme

Panels face threats before they face wind and rain.

Fluropon Extreme offers enhanced resistance to the kinds of abrasions that can occur before it’s installed—the inevitable wear and tear that occurs at the plant, on the dock, on the road, job site, and during installation.


Developed to face everyday friction.

The proven benefits of 70% PVDF.

While Fluropon Extreme is a good choice for a wide variety of uses, it’s especially well suited to tough installation processes such as roofing. No other coating offers both resistance to abrasion — the inevitable wear and tear that can occur and a smooth finish. Those qualities might be just what your next project demands.

Roll Forming



Fluropon Pure

The material transparency you need.

It’s ideal for buildings with extreme environmental requirements or anywhere you may desire a greener product. With reduced hazardous materials, these coatings are formulated with both the environment and our grandchildren in mind. In fact, since we support our customers who participate in LEED v4 and Living Building Challenge’s Declare programs, Fluropon Pure can be included in your plans for participating in these programs.