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James Register, Senior Group Project Leader

Join us in giving James a big congrats on his 20th year at our coil lab in Garland, Texas! In his role a… | More

Marlene Garrow Coil and Extrusion Group Leader

Marlene Garrow has built her expertise in the paint industry over more than four decades with Sherwin-Wi… | More

Sept 2018

Life Can Slow Down at the Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre

The Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre has the clean lines and angles of modern design. But the archite… | More

November 2017

The Hit Pause trend — actively slowing down.

Technology is the great equalizer. Never before has opportunity been so accessible. The comforts and con… | More

November 2017

Finding Fun in Work at the Crocs Store

It's not just the lights that are bright in New York City these days. The Crocs flagship storefront blaz… | More

November 2017

The Life in Flex trend — blurring the lines between work and play.

Gone are the hard lines between the home and office. Color, design and texture must be comfortable and w… | More

November 2017

Building Science Part 3: The Innovation of Color

Learn exactly what goes into testing Valspar’s architectural metal coatings before they go to market. Pa… | More

Building Science Part 2: Layers of Innovation

Learn exactly what goes into testing Valspar’s architectural metal coatings before they go to market. Pa… | More

Building Science Part 1: Innovation Begins on a Test Fence

Learn exactly what goes into testing Valspar’s architectural metal coatings before they go to market. Pa… | More

The ARIA Resort & Casino is Always On

Even in the brightest city on Earth, ARIA Resort & Casino stands out. Shimmering in the Las Vegas sun, t… | More

October 2017

The Always On trend -- digital is the new frontier.

Technology is no longer an accessory of our life; it is an integral part of it. Consistently present yet… | More

October 2017

The Future of Luxury is on Display at the T-Mobile Arena

Located just off The Strip, the new T-Mobile Arena fits well within the neon luxury of Las Vegas. But it… | More

July 2017

The Future Lux trend - luxury for one and all.

Attitudes toward luxury are changing. Luxury is no longer defined by market value alone and the implicat… | More

July 2017

Colors With Influence, and the Trends Behind Them.

Those who live a colorful life are said to live an interesting life. And we couldn't agree more. Right n… | More

July 2017

Valspar Features Environmentally Friendly Coating – Fluropon Pure – at 2017 Living Future UnConference

… | More

May 2017

Specifying Metal Coatings

… | More

August 2016

Valspar to Display Two Coating Lines at the 2017 National Frame Building Association Expo

Valspar, a global leader in the coatings industry, will feature some of its most prestigious and reputab… | More

March 2017

Adding Strength and Splendor to Stadiums Around the World

… | More

August 2016

Bringing it Home: Coated Metal Exteriors Are on the Rise in Residential America

… | More

July 2016

Coating The Way To Sustainable Solutions

… | More

November 2016

Valspar’s Valflon® Honored in Building Design + Construction 101 Top Products Report

Valspar was recently listed in the Building Design + Construction (BD+C) 101 Top Products Report. The fi… | More

February 2017

In An Ideal World, Every Coating Is Green

… | More

September 2016

Match Maker

… | More

September 2016

True Colors

… | More

Fall 2016

The Intense Color Journey – More Than Just a Passing Trend

… | More

August 2016

More Than Just Color, Coatings Add Resistance & Durability to Metal Buildings In Any Location

… | More

June 2016

Creating a More Sustainable Future, One Coating at a Time

… | More

June 2016

Wolf Creek Library Sparks Growing Community Spirit in Historical Atlanta Suburb

Places of learning do not have to be passive or drab as they are often portrayed in film and media. In f… | More

June 2016

Finding Gold in the Details

… | More

Building the Future with Metal

When looking at architecture from around the world, it’s evident that designers can achieve nearly any l… | More

The Ongoing Quest to Coat the World in Green

… | More

April 2016

The Shifting Colors of 2016

… | More

March 2016

Addressing a $12 Billion Problem

Coating manufacturers seek innovative ways to combat graffiti.… | More

June 2016

From Drab to Daring: A Study on the Explosion of Color in Coatings

… | More

June 2016

From Past to Present, PVDF Coatings Remain a Leader in the Architectural Paint Industry

Today, coatings come in all colors, textures and patterns, and as companies continue to create innovativ… | More

June 2016

Maintaining Coated Metal Exteriors

Maintaining Coated Metal Exteriors… | More

April 2016

Valspar Introduces Fluropon Pure

Valspar, an industry leader in architectural coatings products, introduces the newest addition to its Fl… | More

May 2016

Valspar's Fluropon Effects Rustica

Valspar's Fluropon Effects new Rustica color family features a soothing, nature-inspired palette as part… | More

May 2016

Valspar helps customers meet stringent, prestigious sustainability classifications

Coating manufacturer to feature eco-friendly initiatives at Greenbuild International… | More

November 2015

Addressing a $12B Problem: Coatings Made to Combat Graffiti

Featured on Durability + Design, click here to view article. Over the last three years, graffiti-based v… | More

October 23, 2015

The Ongoing Quest to Coat the World in Green

Featured on Coating World, click here to view article. By Jeff Alexander, VP of Sales, Coil and Extrusio… | More

October 19, 2015

Valspar Innovative Product Displays at 2015 METALCON

Creating coatings to inspire and withstand the test of time, Valspar is consistently researching and dev… | More

September 2015

Finish Strong with PVDF Coatings

The History and Benefits of 70 Percent PVDF Coatings For 50 years, 70 percent PVDF resin-based coatings … | More

October 2015

The Benefits of Metal Roofs and Coatings

Recognized as sustainable, durable building components, metal roofs are used in various applications. Th… | More

April 2015

Get Inspired: Color and Coatings

Colors are a universal language that everyone understands, engaging both hearts and minds. In Valspar's … | More

On-Going Blog Posts

Introducing Fluropon Effects

Transforming the Concept of Color. With colors that shift, shine, and sparkle, the new Fluropon Effects … | More

May 2015

Valspar Debuts Fluropon Effects at AIA Welcoming Architects to a New Color Space

The Valspar Corporation introduces Fluropon® Effects, a new line of dimensional colors that feature an a… | More

May 2015

Valspar Hosts Educational, Inspirational Activities at AIA

The Valspar Corporation announces educational and inspirational activities during the annual American In… | More

April 2015

Valspar Releases New Technical Paper on PVDF Coatings

Across North America, building owners, architects, contractors, product manufacturers and finishers have… | More

March 2015

50 Years of Fluropon

Celebrating 50 Years of Fluropon History. Since 1965 Valspar's flagship architectural coating, Fluropon,… | More

March 2015

Valspar Celebrates 50 Years of Fluropon®, the First 70% PVDF Architectural Coating in the Industry

The Valspar Corporation celebrates 50 years of Fluropon® 70 percent PVDF resin-based coatings. Since the… | More

March 2015

Valspar’s Fluropon® Exterior Coatings Offer Field-Proven, High-Performance for Metal Roofing, Panels and More

… | More

September 2014

Valspar offers Autodesk Revit BIM Material Library for Fluropon® 70% PVDF Architectural Coatings

The Valspar Corporation continues to enhance creative choices and simplify architectural coating specifi… | More

March 2015

Valspar's Material Library for Autodesk Revit

… | More

Innovation with a Green Focus

As one of the leading manufacturers of coating products in the world, we are setting an example for the … | More

March 2015

Modern Metals | Repelling Rays

Metal Roofing resists Mother Nature's abuse with sound science. Function often supersedes aesthetic appe… | More

Tuesday March 24, 2015

Graffiti Resistance

Your buildings deserve to be graffiti-free. Valspar can help. With graffiti resistance included in all o… | More

February 2015

Valspar Announces Graffiti-Resistant System Protecting All Coil & Extrusion Coatings

Valspar is proud to announce that it has developed an ASTM-compliant graffiti-resistant system, which ha… | More

February 17, 2015

WeatherXL Crinkle Finish coating

Coating performance you can see and feel with WeatherXL Crinkle Finish. A unique textured appearance tha… | More

October 2015

Architectural Coatings: Six Tips for Selecting Colors That Last

Exterior color selection is imperative to the aesthetics of a building. However, some may not fully unde… | More

September 2014

Valspar InspireMe

Valspar presents InsipreME, an online experience to fuel your creativity.… | More

June 2014

Color Matters

Who decides a trend is a trend? Well, we all do. It takes a populace to declare a trend. Which is why Va… | More

July 2014

Valspar Unveils New Exterior Color Collections

New research based color palettes created to inspire architects and designers. Color matters – it define… | More

July 2014

Metal Mag 2014: The Color of Metal

Chemistry, light, and method come together to create the look of metal components. Color is a major elem… | More

Summer 2014

Green Heats Up

Selling the Eco-Friendly Advantages of Steel. Rural builders know that a customer wants a building that … | More

February 2014

The Color of Metal

Chemistry, light, and method come together to create the look of metal components.… | More

Spring 2014

Inside Valspar "Color"

Explore Color. Valspar takes COLOR to a whole new science, we are the experts. We stay ahead of the colo… | More

April 2014

Inside Valspar "Confidence"

Trusted quality. When it comes to CONFIDENCE, we make sure we're giving you what you need with speedy ti… | More

April 2014

Inside Valspar "Collaboration"

Innovation. Our customers are always presenting new challenges for COLLABORATION. We take pride in our d… | More

April 2014

Valspar Recognized For Sustainability In Paint Supplier Innovation Awards

In the first ever Paint Supplier Innovation Awards, Valspar has been recognized as the Most Innovative P… | More

September 2014

Color Trends

Designers seek architectural color that combines form and function Color, form, space, and light are pri… | More

Summer 2013

When Design-Savvy Consumers Demand More; Pre-Paint Can Deliver

Introduce pre-paint during the design process to enhance success. Consumers today trend toward color as … | More

Kameleon-Coated Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral Wins MCA 2014 Chairman's Award

The Valspar Corporation will be honored with the Metal Construction Association (MCA) 2014 Chairman’s Aw… | More

September 2014

MCA Award For Education Honors Valspar as Part of Arkansas' Chaffin Junior High School Project Team

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) 2014 Chairman’s Award will honor The Valspar Corporation for it… | More

September 2014

Valspar Awarded Top Metal Construction Award

Valspar Receives MCA Chairman's Award for Overall Excellence The Valspar Corporation (NYSE:VAL) announce… | More

October 1, 2013

Valspar Architectural Applications

Valspar high-performance architectural coatings; coil and extrusion. Valspar takes coatings to a whole n… | More

June 2013

Design-Savvy Consumers Demand More; Pre-Paint Can Deliver

Introduce pre-paint during the design process to enhance success. Consumers today trend toward color as … | More

The Manufacturing Balancing Act

Manufacturing today can seem like a balancing act with continual changes in environmental regulations. I… | More

Productive Processes

Jeff Alexander, President of the National Coil Coating Association in the US, discusses the market, the … | More

Prepainted Building Products Can Enhance Interiors Too

When we think of prepainted metal products for the construction industry, we often think of exterior use… | More

Coated Metal Not Just a Pretty Face

Prepainted metal not only offers an impeccable finish and endless color and design options, it is often … | More