Building Science Part 3: The Innovation of Color

Learn exactly what goes into testing Valspar’s architectural metal coatings before they go to market. Part III of the Valspar Building Science series, “The Innovation of Colors,” takes a close look at the science and technology behind color for coil and extrusion metal coatings.


In this episode, Valspar color scientists and engineers talk about taking new color special effects from the lab to test fences to the facades of extraordinary buildings. Product lines discussed include the Fluropon Effects 70% PVDF shimmering Kameleon, sparkling Nova and polychromatic Rustica. Samples of print paint show how metal surfaces are transformed to look like wood, stone and other materials.

My life is color. My life is special effects,” said Nancy Peden, Valspar senior project chemist. “My life is making paint look cool. Make it fun. Make it attractive.”