David Rosenberg, Account Manager

[July 2019]

The fast-paced team setting at Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings keeps David (Rosie) Rosenberg thriving in his role as an Account Manager. His favorite part of his job is building deep relationships with customers and colleagues alike while promoting “The Backbone” of Sherwin-Williams - his teammates and their strong work ethic that define the coil division as a whole.

Fast Five

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite architectural project: His home (because he built 100% of it!)

Favorite vacation spot: Ireland

Favorite pastime: Creating and building things

Favorite band: Tom Petty


David emits a contagious energy when discussing his role as an Account Manager at Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. His day-to-day activity includes promoting Sherwin-Williams’ coil products throughout Central and Southern states, but the best part of his role is the meaningful relationships he builds with customers and colleagues along the way.


David is driven to help his team win. He is passionate about winning for customers by removing obstacles and helping increase their odds of landing new business. He matches his customers’ drive, leading to many strong relationships over the years. David proactively answers questions and takes ownership to resolve problems quickly and eliminate any barriers.


In addition, he likes to win for his team by persuading customers to choose Sherwin-Williams  for their coil coatings. David firmly believes that his teammates’ work ethic is “The Backbone” of Sherwin-Williams that makes up the coil division as a whole. Our color-matching technology backed by technical expertise of people who dig in and get their hands dirty aid David in encouraging customers to partner with our team.


David grew his expertise in the steel industry from 12 years of selling steel before switching to the vendor side. This deep knowledge base helps him talk details with distinct audiences in the coil coating industry including steel mills, coil coaters, coil suppliers, product manufacturers and end users. 

This month David celebrates his fifth anniversary at Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. Congrats Rosie!