Drew Henderson

[May 2019]

If anyone has an eye for color, it’s Drew Henderson. As a Lab Technician 3, Drew fulfills color sample requests from architects, applicators and contractors. He has the daily challenge of clarifying ambiguous descriptions of color to create the exact hue customers need for their projects.

Fast Five
Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite architectural project: The Vikings horn sculpture at the U.S. Bank Stadium that’s coated in Kameleon Effects, shifting from blue to purple and gold to orange.
Favorite vacation spot: Orlando
Favorite pastime: Dabbling in computers and coding
Favorite musician or band:Linkin Park

Color samples are an important part of our customer experience - and Drew Henderson’s role is essential to this service.

Drew works as a Lab Technician 3, meaning he’s responsible for turning often-vague color descriptions into tangible color samples. The process can vary from set-in-stone science with specific color codes to interpretive direction based on customer descriptions. This is where Drew’s expertise is invaluable.

When Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings extended sample requests to architects, it greatly increased the volume of color samples created throughout the week. Typically architects send a picture of a building they want to emulate then Drew creates a range of tinted and shaded colors for the customer to choose from. After some back and forth to narrow down the selection, architects are able to pinpoint the exact color they’re looking for.

Since starting in the display panel center in 2015, Drew’s scope of services has increased to handle Fluropon Effects color samples and technical support for marketing activities. His favorite part about his work is the variety in day-to-day tasks. One day he’s developing a specific color and effect; the next day he’s decoding color descriptions from customers.

When the sky's the limit for custom color options, Drew is our resident expert to bring visions to life.