Marlene Garrow Coil and Extrusion Group Leader

[Sept 2018]

Marlene Garrow has built her expertise in the paint industry over more than four decades with Sherwin-Williams. As the Coil and Extrusion Group Leader, she oversees all weathering of coil and extrusion products with accelerated and natural weathering environments. Since she works in the test lab, she gets to see the latest innovations in products and help transform them from an idea into final production.



While the majority of her time is spent in the lab, it may be surprising to hear that her biggest accomplishment has nothing to do with chemistry. Marlene was an integral part of creating Sherwin-Williams’ test fence. She sourced the property, hired the builder, brainstormed the layout and helped ensure the test fence faced exactly 45 degrees south for maximum exposure to elements.


 Fast Five:

-Favorite color: Any blue
-Favorite architectural building: The Buerger Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

-Favorite vacation spot: Northwest U.S.

-Favorite pastime: Reading and traveling

-Favorite band: Metallica


Over the years, Marlene has developed a passion for green building and the role Sherwin-Williams plays in enabling sustainable architecture. She belongs to several ASTM committees, including the D01 committee, which oversees the majority of coatings testing and the G03 committee, which focuses on weathering and durability.


Marlene understands that architects are always looking to achieve green building standards, and she shares that dedication by helping refine coatings that are proven by decades of data to last long into the future.