Michelle Brownlee Bio

[May 2019]

Every once in a while when Michelle Brownlee walks through stores, she gets a sense of satisfaction when she sees coatings her team formulated covering appliances. In her role as a Senior Group Leader, Michelle manages a group of chemists that handle the work for the manufactured products group, including appliances, HVAC, lighting, garage doors and more.

Michelle Brownlee

Senior Group Leader


Fast Five
Favorite color: Snow White World
Favorite architectural project: Jim Beam American Stillhouse
Favorite vacation spot: Disney World
Favorite pastime: Working out
Favorite band: The Avett Brothers


From being part of the team that developed anti-fingerprint coatings for Stainless Steel to leading a 17-year career with Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, Michelle has found her bliss in the appliance group.


As a Senior Group Leader, Michelle manages a team of chemists who perform work for the manufactured products group, including everything from appliances and HVAC systems to garage doors, lighting fixtures and truck trailers.


Her day-to-day work mostly involves moving projects forward, conducting meetings, uncovering solutions and driving innovation, but her favorite part is the continued opportunity to collaborate with others. Over the years, Michelle has come to know the people of this niche industry very well.


If Michelle isn’t working, she’s always moving. Her active lifestyle keeps her busy with bootcamp style workout classes and training for her first half marathon.