The Shifting Colors of 2016

[March 2016]

Every year as we reset our calendars and prepare for new beginnings, we look forward to the new fashions, fads and innovations that are looming on the horizon. The same can be said about the coil and extrusion coating industry, and 2016 is set to be another pioneering year for coating applications, color trends, and product advances.


Across the market, it’s becoming clear that an ever-increasing number of customers are looking to coatings to help their buildings stand out from the crowd. Where once an offering of quality coatings available in numerous color options was enough to fulfill the needs of a client, the expansion of technology and creativity has elevated the game.


Two of the most prominent trends we forecast to grow in popularity this year are the use of pattern-printed coatings and color-changing finishes.


Many architects who rely on the combined durability benefits of metal roofing and quality architectural coatings are expanding their design palettes and bringing a variety of new looks to buildings all across the world. To meet this demand, leading metal roofing manufacturers have developed products that work in perfect tandem with coatings to incorporate bold textures and patterns into a finished roofing system. Slowly gaining popularity last year, the prevalence of roof panels featuring coatings enhanced with patterns and textures will only grow throughout 2016. For example, particular textures and appearances like wood shake, slate, and tile are among some of the most popular selections now available on the market.


Another trend sweeping the architectural industry is the application of color-shifting coatings, which offer a mesmerizing, bilateral color finish. Thanks to recent advances in the technology and chemistry behind a coating’s makeup, prismatic and pearlescent finishes give the appearance of multiple colors when viewed from different angles or sunlight.


From residential homes in the hills of California to corporate headquarters in the heart of the business district, color-shifting, printed and patterned coatings instantly spark a flavor of personality and ingenuity onto the façade of a building.


By Jeff Alexander