True Colors

[Fall 2016]

Previously published in CENTRIA's Metal Mag

Most architectural projects have a goal to stand out, to be talked about and noticed first when a passerby takes a look down the block. This can be accomplished in many ways – the building structure, size and materials used all play important roles, but the first thing noticed is undoubtedly the colors chosen to create the exterior façade.

The Importance of Color and Coatings

Color is extremely important, as it conveys emotion and inspires everything in our day-to-day life – whether we realize it or not. It’s important to understand that color is more than just an aesthetic treatment; it is an experience, and as colors change and expand, so does our understanding of the world around us.

In the paint and coatings industry, we know that colors, textures, depth and dimension are constantly changing as innovative developments are explored and discoveries are turned into realities. As this occurs, new possibilities are brought to life and the concept of color, as we know it, transforms. Through recent coating advancements, colors can shift, shine and sparkle in ways that were never before imaginable. Color complexity is increased and, in turn, our world becomes a richer, more vibrant place. Let’s explore a few notable projects that feature some of the progressions in color and added dimension.

Current Trends

T-Mobile Arena

Led by the architecture team from Populous, designs for the cutting-edge $375-million indoor arena in Las Vegas began in 2014. The aesthetic goal was to blend the chaotic energy of the Strip with the calming feel of the desert through materials and color choices. The design elements’ dichotomy led to an iconic exterior composed of more than 150,000 square feet of custom-fabricated metal shingles by CENTRIAin nine rustic colors. These hues honor the contrast between city life and nature, and were made possible through a custom color matching process. The shingles blend cohesively into one unit and offer a visual experience for guests unmatched by any other U.S. stadium. The project also showcases a diverse assortment of CENTRIA products, including Versawall® insulated metal panels (IMPs), IW Series single-skin profiles and EcoScreen® perforated screenwall in a number of exciting colors and coatings.

West Sacramento Community Center

When West Sacramento completed its citywide needs assessment, results determined that a multi-generational facility was needed. As architects from Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning began planning the facility, they knew the design had to complement the urban cityscape, so they chose to build with vibrant color-coated metal in the form of CENTRIA’s Concept Series and IW Series single-skin profile panels. They landed on a trio of bright blues for the new structure which, since its opening in 2011, has received numerous awards, including an Excellence in Design Award from Environmental Design + Construction magazine, an Award of Excellence from the California Park & Recreation Society, and also achieved LEED® Gold certification.

Northern Quest Resort and Casino

Northern Quest recently underwent a massive expansion to update its current facility and the ideal look was unanimous – this expansion would feature a bold, modern look through both materials and colors. Designers from Hnedak Bobo Group identified CENTRIA’s Formawall® Dimension Series® IMPs for the exterior of the building as a way to project a sleek aesthetic to the casino, and wanted to select a color that would blend the Native American influence with the contemporary design outlined by the team. The vibrant bronze hue selected provides a visually dynamic exterior for the building, accomplishing the goals of all involved.

The Latest Advancements

Serious architectural design once meant a limited color palette, staying in the realm of greys, whites and neutrals. But today, we see that brilliant hues and mesmerizing effects can be achieved in 70 percent PVDF architectural coatings, something that until recently was never thought possible. Two of the newest examples are from Valspar: Fluropon® Rustica and Fluropon® Nova, part of the Fluropon Effects family.

Fluropon Rustica coatings contain special effects pigments that create richer, more saturated colors with an antique aesthetic. Through this new formulation, natural and polychromatic colors feature a weathered, antique look, which is perfect for the many projects that want to highlight a natural palette of oranges, rusts, coppers and ambers. These soothing, nature-inspired colors can transport viewers into a different place, even when surrounded by the chaos of a congested city or the energy of an exciting environment. Some coatings even contain a subtle color shift, adding another layer of dimension to the project and leaving an even more memorable mark.

Fluropon Nova coatings are on a different part of the color spectrum. They offer rich color with a vivid sparkle in either gold or silver, and can be matched to nearly any desired color to fit the needs of the project. The richer, deeper colors that can be found in this line still offer an intense sparkle, something that was never before seen in 70 percent PVDF architectural coatings. In the past, adding sparkle meant sacrificing color integrity – the more of one you wanted, the less you’d get of the other. Now, dynamic, eye-catching colors are attainable and leave buildings coated in a sparkle and shine that turns heads, moves minds and brings inspiration to life.

Into The Future

New coating formulations invite all of us into a fresh color space – we are encouraged to explore the possibilities and experience real emotion provoked by depth-defying pigments and richly saturated colors. We are transported back to nature or moved deep into space when we look upon structures coated in colors that were once only imagined in our dreams. By adding new dimensions to classic colors and creating those never-before-seen, we are welcoming the public into our world – one in which we explore and expand through our vision to not only drench the world in color, but create lasting memories, as well.

By Jeff Alexander, VP of Sales, Coil and Extrusion Division