Valspar Unveils New Exterior Color Collections

Press Release

Minneapolis - [July 2014]

New research based color palettes created to inspire architects and designers.

Color matters – it defines cultures, sells products and services, conveys emotion, inspires everything around us and continues to evolve. As part of Valspar’s ongoing commitment to bring architects and designers the tools they need to make their ideas come to life, Valspar has unveiled their latest exterior colors and design trends to provide a new resource for inspiration.

Color Matters

Valspar conducted intense research, analysis and forecasting to understand exterior colors and design trends. The information collected was then compiled, filtered and narrowed into new color collections. From there, Valspar refined the themes into sets of palettes that tell an overarching story and help designers bring their outdoor color visions to life.

“At Valspar we live and breathe color, and we are excited to invite designers and architects to experience these new colors and collections for themselves,” said Jeff Alexander, Vice President of Sales. “Our new color palettes were influenced from people, places and products throughout the world. We're confident these color palettes will start new conversations, encourage the use of more color and inspire future projects. In addition to our new colors, we will continue to match custom colors straight from our customers to support their imagination.”

New color collections include:


  • Collective Effort: Personal and global community-inspired colors derived from individual connections and authentic stories. Fresh produce, loyalty, and community colors
  • Agua: Healing and soothing colors inspired by the earth’s most valuable resource, water. Life sustaining, droughts and current colors.
  • Into the Black: Dark black hues that create striking contrast with natural surroundings. Charred, liquid and natural colors.
  • Metal: Degraded and tarnished metal colors inspired by copper, iron and steel. Finishes, polished and textured colors.


  • Bold Modernity: Weatherworn, repurposed textures that exude history and authenticity. Colors are inspired from the past by bending and stretching familiar patterns and blending colors. Fearless, embracing and historical colors.
  • Essence of Europe: Colors that are similar to the old world color palette, but represent differences in cultural influences between the regions – the most significant European colors. Collective consciousness, influenced and cultural colors.


  • Get Real: Nature-inspired lighter colors that reflect authentic, recycled and reclaimed materials to accentuate the material’s innate appeal. Homegrown, recycled and authentic colors.

For more than 200 years, Valspar has been a leader in the art and science of coatings that excel in both beauty and function. Their expansive range of superior quality coating systems comes to life through a full palette of colors, gloss levels and surface textures to meet the most demanding environmental conditions and designs. To learn more about Valspar’s new exterior colors and design trends or to request sample colors please visit: