Ready-to-Use PVDF Platform

No other custom color match touchup manufacturer has the experience and capacity that Precision Color brings to the table. They process over 100 guaranteed color matches every business day in a variety of containers.

PVDF Air-Dry Touchup is a ready-to-use system.

Incorporates Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings topcoats with an air-dry additives.

Work directly with Precision Colors amazing team to get a color or your companies full color palette matched to touchup small damaged areas such as scrtaches and nicks.

PVDF Air-Dry Touchup

The components are pre-mixed for easy application to small damaged areas and are designed to be air-dried. The applied touchup is tack-free in 15 minutes. PVDF Air-Dry Touchup is available in the following sizes:

  • 12 oz and 4.5 oz spray
  • 0.6 oz and 2 oz bottle
  • 0.3 oz pen
  • Pints, quarts and gallons

Available in multiple sizes

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